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Sandcastle part 3

Edit, new version:

At the moment I'm writing a more mature version of the sandcastle add-in. All the different functionality will be separated. There will be a release uncomming week. I also have a codeplex project pending. So keep an eye on the blog!

This weeks features:
- Easy 2 use Sandcastle documentation
- Classdiagram renamer/exporter
- Solution stats
- file types and there count
- Lines of code
- FTP upload HTML doc

Uncomming features:
-Classrelation fix in classdiagrams
-Actionlist (split up for each developer)
-Better website publisher

previous post (with known issues):

New design:

Am I mistaken here, or are you adding all the features into one huge add-in? Or are you building separate add-ins for a number of these features?
Well initially it will be one dll, but every function can be called separate by a newly added (sub)menu item. (so no longer the tabs-structure like the first version) The way the add-in is constructed makes it easy to separate things later on. Also see the added image
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