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Sourcegear - Vault

After Visual Sourcesafe, subversion, someone mentioned Vault being theire source keeper. Well, screenshots look ok. I might give it a further look later on.



Virtual keyboard

Only having german or greek keyboard? Use the virtual keyboard. Seems to work like ur PDA virtual keyboard although I didnt take a look at the code.



Identity crisis!!! What am I?

Information worker, Lead dev, Architect, Enterprise Architect, Solutions Architect, Infrastructure Architect, Project manager or Project leader?$@ You figured it out? Here another post on this ongoing silly discussions: http://jelle.druyts.net/2006/05/30/TheTechnicalSolutionsArchitectRole.aspx


Why Worry? (Programmer's Edition)

Why Worry? (Programmer's Edition)

as a programmer there are only two things to worry about:whether your code has bugs or is bug-free.

if your code is bug-free then there's nothing to worry about.if your code has bugs then there's only two things to worry about:whether you can fix the bugs or whether you can't.

if you can fix the bugs then you have nothing to worry about.

if you can't fix the bugs then you have only two things to worry about:whether you can find someone else to fix the bugs or whether you can't.

if you can find someone else to fix the bugs then you have nothing to worry about.

if you can't find someone else to fix the bugs then you have only two things to worry about:whether the bugs will get you fired or whether they won't.

if the bugs won't get you fired then you have nothing to worry about.

if the bugs do get you fired then you'll be so busy catching up with old friends at the unemployment office that you won't have time to worry.

so why worry?



C# Script - codeproject

Yesterday C# to generate Javascript, today C# to executable script (cscscript).

This article describes a "script engine" for the C# language. Here are some of the key features of the presented scripting system:
-Based on the full featured C#.
-Full access to CLR and CTS.
-Can be run with any version of CLR (.NET 1.1/2.0), even potentially with future ones.
-Possibility of extending the functionality of any CLR application with "scripting" by hosting the script engine in this application.
-Integration with common IDEs and debuggers.
-Integration with OS.

read more:


Pseudo user pattern

Well patterns are a way to label commonly used ways of coding. It helps to know ur labels (read: patterns) to communicate with other developers about a certain software aprouch. Don't get fooled by the fancy names, you prob. allready have used a lot of them without knowing it ;-)

The pseudo pattern is mostly used in webshops, it means that you log an user his actions but only let him/she sign in when its really needed. So you can add items to ur cart but only have to sign in when ur going to check out.

A book I still need to read is that of the gang of four

just amazoned it:
"Design Patterns. Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software."Erich Gamma; Gebundene Ausgabe; EUR 45,03 Verkauft von:Amazon.de
"Head First Design Patterns."Eric Freeman; Broschiert; EUR 22,26

Creational, Structural & behavioral patterns

also see other posts on patterns. patterns posts


6 part webcasts series on SQL2005 reporting

by: Susan Wisowaty

maandag, mei 29, 2006


Script# Prototype - Cool!

Script# brings the C# developer experience (programming and tooling) to Javascript/Ajax world. This post shares a prototype project for enabling script authoring via C#...

-A Better Scripting EnvironmentThe fundamental goal was to improve the state of the art in scripting. This goes way beyond the usual things that come to mind at first thought: compile-time checking, and intellisense or statement completion. I do think these are super-useful, and would be valuable in and of themselves. As we worked on Atlas we were also thinking of a great tools experience, and we explored different approaches and technologies for achieving this. Script# is a prototype of one such exploration. It attempts to address some programming environment requirements:
-A clean language with the natural constructs. Today with script, you can go a long ways in simulating OOP (classes, interfaces, inheritance etc.), but the simulations are thrown at the face of the developer. Various C# constructs such as properties, events, and syntax for defining inheritance go a long way in making the code readable. Similarly modifier keywords like public vs. protected vs. internal, sealed vs. virtual etc. help define a better object model. All of this can be brought into the scripting world.
Easier refactoring and exploration. Script development could benefit immensely from the refactoring, and class browsing support already present in the IDE and in tools such as .NET Reflector. Both lend themselves to having a more manageable code base over time.
-Ability to generate documentation. Again doc-comments from C# and the existing infrastructure could be leveraged here.
-Ability to customize the script code easily. For example, I'll show debug vs. release and minimization below. The same idea could apply to building a version of the script that had more error checking or logging built in when you do need to run diagnostics. The approach could also be used to include instrumentation for the purposes of profiling, measuring code coverage, etc. Another interesting aspect of this project is that it will be able to generate script catering to multiple script profiles such as the current Javascript language, as well as Javascript 2 when it appears.

Intro video:

Looks great!!


Visual Studio 2005 Add-in that adds diff tools, an explore command, subversion support, and web project reporting

With this add-in, you get new tools and commands that boost your productivity while developing, and some helpful reports especially for web projects. Version 1.0.



Webdevradio - podcasts


Developing the big picture

You can't build a stable system without a good plan. And you can't develop a good plan without a strong model that fits the needs of the organization. A coherent vision of how all of a system's parts need to come together that protects you. Without a plan you risk inefficiency, or even chaos, for your organization.

All about architecture...

see cornie video:


How to become early riser

Being a night person I find it interresting how some plp can get up as early as they do. Whant to become an ealybird? read this article
part 2:

In essence the clue is to always (7 days a week) get up the same time, but only go 2 bed when ur really tired (so that might vairy from day to day)


So you want to learn WSE 3.0? A short primer on how and where to start.

Some essential steps to help get you started on the road with WSE 3.0 along with some estimated times. I have also included some projects to spark ideas that you can build, because in the end that is the only true way to learn.

read more..

zondag, mei 28, 2006


Coding standards, team development - article

They all do it differently, because individual developers have taken it upon themselves to "roll their own" without consulting with the team about best-practices coding standards and what we already may have, or not have, to work with. A lot of times you’ll work in a shop where various contractors are brought in, and nobody takes the time to explain “how we do it here”. Not only that, since they know they won’t be there long, their sense of responsibility to the overall success of the project is reduced. Why did they do it? Simple. Management doesn't necessarily think that coding standards for the development group are that important. They're wrong! I know, because I've been in these environments enough times to know the difference, and I have been a manager too.
read more:


Tresstesting - whitepaper

In this paper, we discuss the concepts behind performance testing and its role in the development and testing cycles. We cover performance testing fundamentals and general methodologies for testing aWeb application. We also describe the features of the Microsoft Application Center Test (ACT) tool and provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to utilize the tool on an ASP.NET application.



Test Management - white paper

After completion of a software development project, a suitable verification of the results is neces-sary in order to anchor this conviction in the consciousness of all participants. In general the verification of software results– beside reviews – is done by testing. Testing is a tool of the Quality Management and serves the quality assurance. The goal is to guarantee the product maturity to meet the business requirements. Therefore the quality measurement metrics defined in ISO/IEC 9126 are taken as criteria (functionality, reliability, efficiency, usability, maintainability, portability and its subgroups; see Reference [3]). Testing should help to answer following questions: 1. Why? To ensure the required quality. 2. When? During the development until shipment. 3. What? The entire product from different viewpoints. 4. How? With appropriate methods for the different viewpoints. 5. Who? Members of the interest groups to any defined viewpoint.

read more:


Microsoft Threat Analysis & Modeling v2.0 RC1

manage threat model of your application...


zaterdag, mei 27, 2006


MSF 4 - Masterclass

This week I had 3 days of MSF 4 training in Amsterdam at Microsoft. Have to say, about 6hrs of traffic jams was worth it ;-) Sessions had a couple of good eye openers for me. I'm going to manage two uncomming projects with these methodoligie as a learning process. As we speak I'm trying to get my testservers up and running. Allready have an internal presentation planned on the MSF strategie I have planned out. I also went to DIWUG (www.diwug.nl) meeting in Delft, good to see these initiatives growing in the Netherlands.

donderdag, mei 25, 2006


IE update? "Internet explorer cannot open the internet site XX Operation aborted"

Suddenly got this error "Internet explorer cannot open the internet site XX Operation aborted" a lot on a production site. It also happend when hitting the back button. Well, no specific error makes it hard to figure out whats the problem. Strangly, firefox didnt come up with the error. That was a first clue. After searching a lot and switching on and of different features of the site I found that it had to do with the order javascript sources where loaded. Googleing on it i found plp having trouble with innerHTML, well that wasnt the case 4 me, but moving all my javascript references to the bottom solved the problem for me. Is this caused by a recent windows update? must b i guess, didnt have these problems b4 and I can recall having a vew updates the past weeks. Error happens more on slower servers, so must have something to do not getting his resources fast enough to fill the DOM.

zondag, mei 21, 2006


Project management podcast

A podcast series on project management I found. Not sure if it has value, ill check them out 2morrow in the car.

vrijdag, mei 19, 2006


Guidelines for Test-Driven Development

Find out how to incorporate Visual Studio Team System into test-driven development practices emphasized in Agile development methodologies. (3 printed pages)

donderdag, mei 18, 2006


DIWUG Dutch Information Worker User Group (NL)

DIWUG is a platform for people that are interested in information worker solutions. Several times a year, DIWUG organizes events where members can meet, share knowledge and see interesting presentations in an informal setting.

DIWUG is a non-profit organization, which is supported from the information worker community. Its goal is to activate the Dutch information worker community to:

encourage knowledge sharing between members and organizations regarding Information Worker Solutions;
enlarge knowledge of participants by attending presentations and workshops;
provide a networking environment.



Mastering Ajax, all 3 parts

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

by Brett McLaughlin


DNRTV- Dot net rocks tv, all till now


sharepoint2003 webparts versus vs2005 webparts

more and more people asking questions and being generally confused about building Web Parts with Visual Studio 2005 and .NET 2.0 for the current version of SharePoint. This is of course compounded by the fact that ASP.NET 2.0 has a class called WebPart, can do Web Parts but they’re completely different from the SharePoint 2003 ones.

read more..

related 2 sharepoint:
This tool provides a quick way for SharePoint Administrator’s to build and populate a portal by replicating a file structure and its contents.



pretty concept, but not much results yet. This searchengine is full with ajax tech. Also shows previews. c 4 urself.



Ajax Tools - ajaxpatterns.org


Google = bussy bunny: Google Web Toolkit - Build AJAX apps in the Java language

Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is a Java software development framework that makes writing AJAX applications like Google Maps and Gmail easy for developers who don't speak browser quirks as a second language. Writing dynamic web applications today is a tedious and error-prone process; you spend 90% of your time working around subtle incompatabilities between web browsers and platforms, and JavaScript's lack of modularity makes sharing, testing, and reusing AJAX components difficult and fragile.

dinsdag, mei 16, 2006


auch!, watch it with nested web.config files

Before publishing I backuped the old config file to a temp folder within my solution by mistake. DON'T, it bites ;-) and result in compiler error:

It is an error to use a section registered as allowDefinition='MachineToApplication' beyond application level. This error can be caused by a virtual directory not being configured as an application in IIS.

If you dont know it, it can keep u bussy for a while. Error points to main config file, so doesnt give a clue.


Strange VS2005 compiler bug

Today I ran into a strange problem in VS2005. Working on a fairly large N-tier webapplication I'll had to make some adjustments on a webcontrol lib. Making sure the updates worked correct, I compiled in debug mode. No breakpoints hit, dll would have changed (message on breakpoint). Compiled again, it works fine. Havent had this problem in the past. Strange.. Well be aware this can happen! Havent figured out solid solution yet.

zondag, mei 14, 2006


MSF research

In preparation of my upcomming MSF masterclass I saw a couple of webcasts this weekend.

David has some good points, esp. the micromanagement point and the lack of problems detections. I'm also reading his book now:
His website: http://www.agilemanagement.net
His webcast on msf4: http://www.agilemanagement.net/Articles/News/LeanThinkinginMSFv4.0Webc.html




let you know when i finished the book.

also on my wishlist:

The term "agile" is (mis)used a lot, here a good definition:

The word "agile" implies that something is flexible and responsive and in a Darwinian sense has an innate ability to cope with change. An agile species is said to be "genetically fit." By implication, Agile software development methods should be able to survive in an atmosphere of constant change and emerge with success.


zaterdag, mei 13, 2006


VS2005 sdk

The April v2 RTM is the next milestone in the VS 2005 SDK. This RTM release contains updated VS Integration sample and documentation content, including updates to the IronPython end-end integration sample with Winform designer integration, updated C# and C++ Editor Reference samples, new examples ( CustomSearchProvider, RegExLanguageServi, XMDesigner, LanguageInADialog, CodeSweep, ToolboxControlsInstaller, SingleFIleGenerator ), addition of Package.Shell and Package.LanguageService MPF source code, DSL Tools extensibility, updates to VSTS content to match RTM, and signed VSTA bits to round out the major updates.

vrijdag, mei 12, 2006


Microsoft RESX 2.0 translate app

Small tool which allows you to edit a resource file outside Visual Studio. Well, writing ur own would take about 40 min, but whatever, its free..

Only drawback, when you give this tool to your client, he/she has to have the 2.0 framework installed.


Book review

Just a small selfmanagement book for in-between. It's all about focussing on personal goals. Well, lots of 'open doors' but you might actually find some usefull tips and tricks.

I guess its only available in dutch.

Waarom houden we de meeste veranderingen niet vol?
Wat bepaalt 95% van je gedrag (zonder dat je het merkt)?
Hoe ontwikkel je met succes nieuwe, effectieve gewoontes?

Inhoud is minder "Viva" dan de cover doet vermoeden :-)


FindControl in PagerTemplate

When upgrading a CMS to multilanguage display, I stumbled upon a strange (bug?) thing. Using FindControl on the grid I wasnt able to find the control I was looking for#$@ My own recursive control search method didnt find it either. Time for a google shot. Here the solution:

instead of:
NO: myLabel = (Label)gridAllPages.FindControl("lblPagina");

YES: myLabel = (Label)gridAllPages.BottomPagerRow.FindControl("lblPagina");

Another 'feature', you only can retrieve/set a HyperlinkField like this:

myField = (HyperLinkField)this.gridAllPages.Columns[3];

just a thing to remember@#! weird!


dinsdag, mei 09, 2006


60 More AJAX Tutorials

In an earlyer post i mentioned about a list of 50 Ajax frameworks (http://dotnetpret.blogspot.com/2006/05/list-of-50-ajax-toolkits.html). Here a nice list of over 60 Ajax tutorials.



unit testing & code coverage


Unbunto booting from CD-rom

I'm not a linux guy, but if u want to fiddle around with it without duallboot stuff and messing up ur system, you can try the CD version. http://www.ubuntu.com/

Allready saw a normal installation running on an opensource meeting.. took ages ;-) Well c 4 urself..

Another funny site Scott Hanselman came up with is this mac-al-ike website, pretty need stuff. Apple with more then one mouse button ;-) No installation or whatsoever needed.

The mono project also booting from CD. Get ur feed wet without the risk of bashing ur computer.

4 tha python plp, take a look at this, Boo (is a .NET Language, feels a bit like Python)

So no more comments about me not posting non microsoft minded stuff!!!!!!!! ;-)



Fiddler is a HTTP Debugging Proxy which logs all HTTP traffic between your computer and the Internet. Fiddler allows you to inspect all HTTP Traffic, set breakpoints, and "fiddle" with incoming or outgoing data. Fiddler is designed to be much simpler than using NetMon or Achilles, and includes a simple but powerful JScript.NET event-based scripting subsystem.



House on fire memory stick

What 2 do you have to grab when ur house is on fire? Scott Hanselman suggeted to get your memory stick with all these xcopy deployment apps. Also common handy in that internetcafe where ur not allowed to install anything when ur on holliday.


good podcasts! recommended

zaterdag, mei 06, 2006



I always find it hard to recall what i did during the day during a specific moment. Well TimeSnapper keeps track of what u where working on during a long period of time. It just takes screensnapshots. You can play it back.

tnx 2 Scott Hanselman...


sys con .Net Developers Journal 4-4-2006

Free pdf .Net magazine. Had to go through a bunch of subscribe forms and confirmation mails to get spam mail on the way :-) but here a direct link for ur comfort. Lot of comercial stuff but also bunch of articles.


and open dir ;-)

dinsdag, mei 02, 2006


ScriptDoc: document your Atlas classes

This application generates documentation for Atlas client script libraries.
It generates XML documentation files that have the same format as C# documentation files and that can be processed by existing tools such as NDoc.
Documentation is generated from the source code of the classes defined in files and namespaces defined in a project file. The project to use is specifiedusing the project query string parameter. For example, if you have built the project file myProject.xml in the Projects directory, browsing todefault.aspx?project=myProject will generate the file Output/myProject.xml documentation file.



(.NET 2.) Dictionary(Of Key, Value) performance trick

In .NET 2.0 you'll have this new generic Hashtable variant called Dictionary. It can be used as a Hashtable but now strongly typed and it doesn't use boxing anymore with value types. That's great and all, though there's one thing that's different from the hashtable: retrieving a value with a key that's not there. If the key value isn't present in the Dictionary, you'll get an exception when you do: MyClass myValue = myDictionary[key];

MyClass toReturn = null;
if(!_myDictionary.TryGetValue(key, out toReturn)){ toReturn = new MyClass();}

ref: Frans Bouma (yep from the LLBGEN ORM)


List of 50 Ajax toolkits

It seem like a new AJAX toolkit or framework has come out every week or so since the term AJAX was coined a little over a year ago.

Here a list:

Rest of his site is ok 2, lots of AJAX posts:



Visual Studio 2005 Toolbox Utility

Another Codeproject post, VS2005 tool to help simplifies the process of installing and uninstalling controls from the VS2005


Many more tools:



XAML sample project

XAML is going to be THE markup for future Windows Forms style applications. Here a nice article with demo/sourcecode. Wouldn't it be nice to only have to design your interface once (web/desktop)?




Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar Beta 2 Preview Update

Firefox had these kinda tools long b4, but here the MS developer toolbar:

“The Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar provides several features for exploring and understanding Web pages. These features enable you to:
Explore and modify the document object model (DOM) of a Web page.
Locate and select specific elements on a Web page through a variety of techniques.
Selectively disable Internet Explorer settings.
View HTML object class names, ID's, and details such as link paths, tab index values, and access keys.
Outline tables, table cells, images, or selected tags.
Validate HTML, CSS, WAI, and RSS Web feed links.
Display image dimensions, file sizes, path information, and alternate (ALT) text.
Immediately resize the browser window to a new resolution.
Selectively clear the browser cache and saved cookies. Choose from all objects or those associated with a given domain.
Choose direct links to W3C specification references, the Internet Explorer team weblog (blog), and other resources.
Display a fully featured design ruler to help accurately align and measure objects on your pages.“


Many more tools:

Ref: by David Hayden http://davidhayden.com/blog/dave/archive/2006/04/30/2931.aspx


How to make ASP.NET Applications that support mobile devices

Mobile Devices such as cell phones with web access and Personal Digital Assistants (PDA's) are becoming more common. The infrastructure that supports "Wireless web " is becoming larger and more reliable with the advent of time. There is clear indication that mobile users would keep on growing at tremendous rate. In this scenario, there are good opportunities for developing web pages special to these mobile devices, so that they can make a good use of technology. However, this idea is not liked by many developers. The main reason being the cost of adding extra pages to their web site. Especially, if we look at cellular phones, they use a different standard called "Wireless Markup Language " (WML) for consuming web pages. And we know that developing WML pages would take extra effort on developer's side and hence more cost.



Use of Design Patterns in Web Projects to decouple the UI and BL implementations

As the title suggests, this is an article to describe possible design pattern usage in medium/large scale Web project in order to decouple communication between the User Interface layer and the Business/Application layer.

Valueble read for many oldskool developers!


Outlook-a-like sidebar project (Code project)

An Outlook 2003 navigation bar is equivalent to a tabbed window system that changes two views at once. It can accommodate any number of "tabs", although it works best with a relatively mediocre amount.



My girlfriend got me a new Keyboard, must B true love :-)

Well yet another year older 2day. First gift, cool keyboard. Feels good,thought they didnt make this model anymore but suprise, they still do.