dinsdag, januari 31, 2006


vs2005 tools

vs2005 is on tha move,new tools comming out almost every week :-)


also new (.net 2.0) version of wilson or-mapper


new c#" codesnippets on msdn


cant have enough..

anyone figured out how to add a shortcut key to open a certain snippet?


Free Unit Test Framework and Code Coverage for Visual Studio.NET - TestDriven.NET and Code Coverage via NCover


free testunit & testcoverage tools!

maandag, januari 30, 2006


new dnrtv episode, C# gotcha

nasty gotcha´s explained, a must c!




nice reference:


new ms certificatioons

zaterdag, januari 28, 2006


keep viewstate in treeview when used with masterpages

great article..

note!! make sure you turn of the viewstate of the mother panel otherwise it will bite your head off, with an array out of range error!

vrijdag, januari 27, 2006


nice panel tip, default button

set the default button which will be clicked when hitting enter





zondag, januari 22, 2006


patterns & practices


lot new stuff


Enterprise Library for .NET Framework 2.0

woensdag, januari 18, 2006


Chapter 20 "Loading a Class By Name"



More C# 2.0 usages (generics, anonymous methods)

In this post I'll expand a bit on that and look at the List class and what you can do with generics in cooperation with anonymous methods and delegates.


Test-Driven Development in .NET - Introduction & Unit Tests

Test-Driven Development in .NET - Introduction & Unit Tests


Go-Live License for:

Windows Communication Foundation Go-Live*
Windows Workflow Foundation, Go-Live*



pretty cool tool, analyse viewstate etc.

ViewStateAnalyzer is a tool for ASP.NET 2.0 developers. It's an Internet Explorer toolband that allows you to analyze local ASP.NET pages.By pressing the "Analyze" button, you will retrieve page controls graph and for each element you can check the handled event, read the viewstate saved by the control and HTML rendered, easily focusing it into IE.


maandag, januari 16, 2006


Prototype customform control

Most of the time when you create a new site there are always some sort of forms involved. The projects I do are mostly based on dynamic created pages, so wouldnt it be nice if you could easen up the creation of forms.

Allready worked on a custom control in the past but I dont like the range of properties I have to set. And not flexibel enough.

Inspired on the latest dnrTV show I came up with the following idea:

Custom create all the controls you need based on the original ms-controls (inherit)

Combine these in a compositecontrol

Create as many Skin´s as you like and as specific as you like

You can download the prototype here and see some samples of the code in action, style is ugly but its just to show its potential..


Like to hear your feedback or questions!

also nice link


zondag, januari 15, 2006


Walkthrough: Creating a Web Custom Control


Host Secure, Lightweight Client-Side Controls in Microsoft Internet Explorer

zaterdag, januari 14, 2006


cool concept

Framework to build winform look & feel webbased applications. Nice to get some inspiration.



some controls

vrijdag, januari 13, 2006


dotnetrocks now on webcast 2

Just viewed the first webcast show of Carl Franklin, the guy u prob. know from the podcasts. Nice prof. show about creating your own webcontrols.



sweet free controls


listen to his show on dotnetrocks too! (audio and video)


Using the ASP.Net membership provider in a Windows forms application part I & II

web and winformsystem on one authentication base. Nice articles..


Enumerting all values of an Enum

Get more out of your Enums with the System.Enum

Enum.GetName(typeof(enXXX), 1)


I like the more advanced attribute option more because it gives you more flexibility. Ill write an article about that subject when my new site is ready


Visual Studio 2005 Control Visualizer

woensdag, januari 11, 2006


URL rewriting breaks ASP.NET 2's themes

If you try to use URL rewriting and ASP.NET 2 themes at the same time, you will likely get broken pages, because the two don't mix very well.


maandag, januari 09, 2006


Invoking Asynchronous Tasks in ASP.NET 2.0

Invoking multiple tasks that are slow or lengthy always poses a challenge in front of developers. Normal approach is to develop a multithreaded component and delegate the tasks to it. In ASP.NET 1.x there was no direct support at web form level for executing such tasks in asynchronous manner. ASP.NET 2.0 on the other hand allows you to execute tasks asynchronously from within the web form itself. This article explores the two possible approaches with examples.


zaterdag, januari 07, 2006


ftp upload tool

I guess we all know that the new addition in VS2005 which allows you to upload stuff via ftp isnt the most robust feature there is, and thats putting it nice :-)

here an alternative, including source in c#


dinsdag, januari 03, 2006


Technical Podcasts recommendations

maandag, januari 02, 2006


The .NET Compact Framework's Greatest Hits

We on the .NET Compact Framework team have gotten together, compared notes and have compiled a list of our top weblog posts to date (through November 2005). We thought it would be fun and informational to have the equivalent of a FAQ for our technical posts.