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Sandcastle continued - Documentation Visual Studio 2005 Add-In

Edit, new version:

After I found the SandCastle project via the site of Scott Hanselman, I had the idea to make a nice add-in based on it, well here it is, it is a pretty alpha, but common handy anyway.

You can document all the dll's in ur solution at once. Also classdiagram exporter.

If you have any trouble getting things to get working, let me know.

Config files also included in the project. Dont forget to add the test file in ur addin folder.

flash video (there is a delay in the middle section, dont zap away):

Demo video:


maybe something to put on codeplex.com?? Also come back later for more mature versions, maybe ill develop more features uncomming weekend.


questions: fh_kro{no-spam}ondijk@yahoo.com or post a comment :-)

older post:

Scott Hanselman:

Dont forget to set XML output on building ur lib:


known issues:

1)You need a solution file to find dlls.

2)the published version doesnt replace the helpfilename:

adding this snippet will do the trick:

this.SettingFile.GetElementsByTagName("HelpFileName").Item(0).InnerText = sFile.Substring(sFile.LastIndexOf("\\") + 1).Replace(".dll", "");


private void btnExportHelp_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
string sFile = "";
GenerateHelp myHelp;
for (int i = 0; i < sfile =" this.gridLibraries[1," innertext =" sFile.Substring(0," innertext =" sFile.Substring(0," innertext =" sFile.Substring(sFile.LastIndexOf(" innertext =" sFile.Substring(sFile.LastIndexOf(" myhelp =" new" value =" 0;">

At the moment im 'baking' a better version with different functions split up, so, keep an eye on the blog for further releases (expected this week)!

Excellent! Certainly looks more stable than my attempt!

My project also needs some work on pretty error messages and error handling stuff, still working on that. Also on the wishlist is a msi install.
Looks really great and I love the plug-in idea!

I'll keep tracking this ;)
Good Work !!!

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