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Datbase restore tool sqlserver2005 express

I use the (free) sqlserver2005 express database a lot. When you dont have the full version, you dont have a proper management tool either. The base management in VS2005 is very limited.

I could not even find a way to restore a databasebackup with it so I looked for an alternative and found some very usefull standard classes in the Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo namespace.

Here you can download a small tool I created with these clases to restore a backupdatabasefile. Sourcecode also included.


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joe hummel, must c

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anti injection guideline

just reference

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AnthemNet - ajax project

bit like magicajax?

and another ajax post

does it ever stop? :-)

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ms webcasts and other stuff

overview of some resources (noting new, just reference):

MSDN Virtual Labs
There is a whole mess of virtual labs you can select from at
For labs on Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 Team System, try out virtuallabs/teamsystem/default.aspx.
For labs on Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, visit vstudio/tryit/hosted/vstudio2005/default.aspx.
Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 labs? Yep, at vstudio/tryit/hosted/asp2/default.aspx.

MSDN Webcasts
You can find a world of knowledge with MSDN Webcasts at events/series/default.mspx.
For webcasts on ASP.NET 2.0, visit events/series/msdnwebdev.mspx.
For webcasts on Visual Studio 2005, visit either of the following: events/series/msdnsmartclient.mspx or events/series/msdnvsts2005.mspx.
Visual Studio 2005 was just released. Here are the best webcasts from the product launch: events/series/msdnlaunch2005.mspx.


Visual Studio Add-In That Converts C# Code To Visual Basic

Who needs to learn both C# and Visual Basic when you have a visual studio add-in that converts C# code to Visual Basic? This is great for those times when you are writing articles for magazines or writing sample code to help someone and you need to convert it to Visual Basic.

by David Hayden


Web Service URL should be a config setting --- it already is!

During today's webcast on web services (Wed Feb 8), there was a question related to moving your web service from your dev box to the production box. When the web service moves, the URL will change, so what's the best way to protect your client code from this predictable change? We shouldn't need to re-reference and recompile the client app just because the web service moved. The answer of course is that the URL should be a .config setting. The detail I forgot was exactly what property to set at run-time after you read the URL from the .config file.

by: Joe Hummel


C#: Writing extendable applications using on-the-fly compilation

Sometime back I had posted about writing applications that can load plugins using late binding. Users can drop assemblies in a specific folders which is scanned by an host application at startup. Using reflection the host can locate classes that implement a specific interface and instantiate those classes as plugins. The drawback is that the host processes plugin assemblies and you need to store/maintain the corresponding sources elsewhere.

nice article by Abhinaba

woensdag, februari 08, 2006


The C5 Generic Collection Library

Interesting lib, according there description it would be extending the standard generic class on in a lot of ways..

The library is Copyright Niels Kokholm and Peter Sestoft and is released under a BSD-style open license


New mono project release

deploying should b easyer with this version.

for the apache guys:


PageMethods for Visual Studio 2005 and PageMethods for Visual Studio 2003 are available!

Not using this lib, but some features sound nice.. 2.0 caching features

nice post by Sahil about caching bits and pieces of your .net page

dinsdag, februari 07, 2006


Extending GridView Pager with pagertemplate

Working with the asp:GridView control I wanted to show a more extended pager footer. You can use the PagerSettings to adjust a vew settings:

lastpageimageurl="Last.gif"# //replace # (sry, blogger stuff, and yeah yeah, I need to set up a propper blogsite..)

But sometimes this isn´t enough. To gain more freedom on how to implement your pagerbar, you can make use of a pagertemplate.

Notice the Panel, in this sample code I fill this panel with the pagecontrols I want (previous, first, all pages, next, last)

Now we have to set the OnDataBound eventhandler:


This method will fill the pagerbar with everything you like.

View the script here (dont´t forget to restore the script tags after Copy/Paste):

script in action:


Frank Kroondijk

other ref:


Dynamic Webparts on ASP.NET 2.0

Have you ever wondered how to dynamically add Webparts to your ASP.NET project?
Well, all you have to do is programatically add a DeclarativeCatalogPart control to your page and set it's WebPartsListUserControlPath property to a WebUserControl that has all your Webparts.

maandag, februari 06, 2006


shortcut keys codesnippets

I was a bit confused of how the codesnippet shorcut keys worked but its like this:


replace # with > and < (stupid blogsite #$"$", have to finish my own site)

intellisense picks it up right away (in this case, start typing "cprop" and press tab twice)
expected some kind of key combination like ctrl+shift+whatever, but thats not the case..

intellisense picks it up right away (in this case, start typing "cprop" and press tab twice)
expected some kind of key combination like ctrl+shift+whatever, but thats not the case..


Using ResolveClientUrl in markup

vrijdag, februari 03, 2006


another ajax project

didnt test it yet..


Best Practices - ASP.Net


Bunch of elearning video´s on ASP.Net 2.0 and other

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free ebook agile programming


another ajax post