dinsdag, oktober 24, 2006


Data Binding to an Enumeration

pers ref about Data Binding to an Enumeration


what fits in what :-) pers ref list

SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 provide a number of data types that can be used in tables definitions or variable definition. here's a list of these types:


woensdag, oktober 18, 2006


Overriding ClientID and UniqueID on ASP.NET controls

Most of the time it is enough to add controls to the page and read out the clientid to get the correct ID, but sometimes thats undoable, well here a good 'trick' to get arround that. great tip of Rick Strahl (why didnt I come up with that? ;-) )

/// Override to force simple IDs all around

public override string UniqueID
return this.ID;
/// Override to force simple IDs all around

public override string ClientID
return this.ID;

!!! dont burn yourself read comment by Wilco Bauwer:

http://www.wilcob.com/Wilco/Default.aspx >> IDOverride

zaterdag, oktober 14, 2006


Microsoft Portal Event

donderdag, oktober 12, 2006


web.config - appsettings article

pers. ref. not new but nice article about appsettings, also the hint to put appsettings in different file is ok (when changed, application doesnt restart)


Using the System.Configuration.ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings["whatever"] and getting the obsolete error message?
add a reference to System.Configuration.dll,

woensdag, oktober 11, 2006


SQLServer - change table owner

pers link

change table owner

maandag, oktober 09, 2006


Automated Testing

JavaScript presents several challenges when testing user interface components written using "Atlas." With asynchronous operations like web service calls or animation, you have to start the operation and wait for it to complete without blocking before you can verify the result. Postbacks are just as difficult because you have to perform an action that causes a postback and then have the test resume processing where it left off when the page loads again. We have written a JavaScript testing framework, in the ToolkitTests web project, to eliminate these problems when writing tests for your components.


Sql injections - Scott Guthrie

a freshen up post about sql injections, you cant repeat the issues enough ;-)



Atlas webcast

pers ref (from Atlas webcast)


zondag, oktober 01, 2006


Another glitch in the webpart matrix, Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: 'ID' Key being added: 'ID'

When setting your datasource to a gridview in the override createchildcontrols you might run into the error "Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: 'ID' Key being added: 'ID'" on a Postback. Even when everything seems okay. Somehow the key gets added twice$#@ Well, to solve this problem, move your databinding stuff to the OnPreRender event.


wtf#$@ hidden webparts, validation troubles

On a portal i'm developing (ASP.NET 2.0, C#, webservices, webparts) I ran into the following glitch!

My colleague worked on a WebPart I build and came to me asking why some evenhandlers didnt got firedup. Also the validation acted weird, allthough the summary showed up normally, the clickevent fired without page being valid. I noticed that the page had a JavaScript error and offcourse untraceable. Well what do you do in that case, you know the part worked fine when u left it there so you demolish nearly everything to get to the bone. And what do you know, still no luck #$$@#$ . More by luck then by wisdom I saw the createchildcontrols event got fired 3 times a postback/pageload... mm.. thats strange, only one part on the page.. Conclusion, there must be more then one of the same part in the profile but set to close. I reset the page, and all my troubles where gone.. how cute is that#$@

In short:
Got strange JavaScript errors on your webparts, events dont fire, validations go weird, try resetting you webparts page.


asp.net exception loggin