dinsdag, mei 09, 2006


Unbunto booting from CD-rom

I'm not a linux guy, but if u want to fiddle around with it without duallboot stuff and messing up ur system, you can try the CD version. http://www.ubuntu.com/

Allready saw a normal installation running on an opensource meeting.. took ages ;-) Well c 4 urself..

Another funny site Scott Hanselman came up with is this mac-al-ike website, pretty need stuff. Apple with more then one mouse button ;-) No installation or whatsoever needed.

The mono project also booting from CD. Get ur feed wet without the risk of bashing ur computer.

4 tha python plp, take a look at this, Boo (is a .NET Language, feels a bit like Python)

So no more comments about me not posting non microsoft minded stuff!!!!!!!! ;-)

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