donderdag, januari 18, 2007


5 Things You Didn't Know About Me (meme)

I got blog tagged (some chain-thing waving the blogs) by Anders Ljusberg (Ljusberg) and also saw a lot of other ‘5 things posts’ passing by so I gave it a go. Here a tip of the iceberg of things u prob didnt know:

1. Allthough I got involved in computers very early (C64, basic programming and a nice 8bit interface to develop my own lightshows ;-), good old ‘pokes’ ), I didn’t started my carrier as a software developer, I studied microbiology first and worked at that time as a waiter, milked cows and other ‘hardwork’ stuff. Also worked as a lightjokey in a club (working hrs where the same as nowadays :-) )

2. My first car was a green 1ltr Subaru justy which could fly if u drove it fast enough over the ‘bump’ on the way home from school.. I crashed it later on an early morning in the rain/snow :’-( R.I.P.

3. In contrast of developing/designing apps and sitting still all day, I like hiking through the mountains (going to visit Nepal at the end of march), back to basics and clearing the mind.

4. My first own place to live was a room (4mtr x 4mtr) in Utrecht (Ludgerusstraat) I rented it from a pilot and a stewardess couple who didn’t like it when about 8 drunk friends crashed the night on the floor, hehe...

5. Normally I don’t cook much (at least when you don’t count the microwave and the oven 10-15 min meals + 3 vitamin pills), but when I want to, I’m a pretty skilled cook J

Don’t know much direct related ‘tech-bloggers’ so here some ‘non-tech’ friends..


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