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Sandcastle free Visual Studio 2005 add-in part 4

New version released:

-Multi file bug fixed
-Copyright footer fixed
-Index detection and HTML doc collection
-Setting file path stored in registry
-Addin menu changed
-More action data displayed


download rar
download zip

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1) Add-In xmlsettings file, needed once (guid included later on)

2) Newly added menu items, first select the path to the xml file and select save

3) Select sancastle menu item and press flag to start solution search for dlls

#) Press export to create CHM files and (if set to true in setting) the HTML files

#) After creating HTML help, the search for the index page will create new HTML index

4) CHM

5) HTML Help (in next release the HTML can be automatically uploaded by FTP, got that allready working but not throughly tested)

I couldn't run it on my VS even after adding the Test file... Could you please make a simple setup binary for it too?
At what point did you get stuck? Allready got the menu items added in your tools menu?

For just using it, copy dll and OvernightPowerAddIns.AddIn to your add-in dir. Before using it, set the xml settings to ur local settings. Connect the add-in to this xml file by selecting the first newly added menu item and select save.

I also create a installer uncomming week.. hang on!

any one else experiencing problems, or has great ideas, pls let me know!! fh_kroondijk{nospam}@yahoo.com

(with screenshots)
Now on codeplex too:

Hi. I am running Visual Studio 2005 with the Windows SDK (.NET 3.0) loaded on my machine.
Installation seemed to go well, but when I clik "Refresh List", nothing comes up. My solution consists of two projects, one of which definitely has a .dll. Also, the menu item disappears sometimes. Let me know if you need more info. Great Job so far!!!!
thanks for your feedback! Dont get enough from the public sofar, if you all want this product to grow, feed me :-)

I took your comment & my answer to the codeplex site, to keep things central.

I get an Error when I try to create the documents. Everything seems to be set up properly - at least I can see the dll's in the sandcastle window after refreshing the List. But when I click "create documents" it says:

"Cannot open the file [...]\output\Test.hhc."

[...] is the ProcessToDir path.

Then it creates a broken .chm file, styles, scripts and art, but also no html files.

I also dont get it, why the name of the .hhc file should be "Test" - could it be a wrong sandcastle configuration pointing to the Example file (test.cs)? Couldn't figure it out until now.

Any Ideas?
the Settings.xml file contains field:
SandCastleConfigFile C:\Program Files\Sandcastle\personal\/SandCastleConfigFile
this folder should contain the sandcastel.config delivered in the project (folder "configurationfiles")
If that doesnt help, make sure rest of the xml settings are correctly set according to your local system.
Pls let me know if it did the trick
I took your comment & my answer to the codeplex site, to keep things central.

Your addin shows up in Add-in manager, first two checkboxes are checked, the command line checkbox is not. Still I don't see any added menu items in Tools menu.
pls read known issues on the codeplex site
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