dinsdag, augustus 01, 2006


Power Collections for .NET

Power Collections for .NET Welcome to Power Collections Power, A Community Project to Develop the Best Public License Collection Classes for .NET. This library was produced by Wintellect and is offered AS IS. People interested in the library should read the enclosed End user license agreement.Power Collections extends the Base Class Library with an algorithms class and a series of new containers. This has been created by you, the developer community. We ask for your input on the specification, design and code and invite you to submit your own.Review the current Power Collections Specification and submit your own source and binaries to info@wintellect.com You can download try out the latest version by downloading the source and binaries. You can also browse the Power Collections Documentation for more information on how to use the PowerCollections.

http://www.wintellect.com/MemberOnly/PowerCollections.aspx (need 2 login = free)

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