zondag, augustus 13, 2006


Free Sandcastle Visual studio 2005 Add-In msi installer

This weeks planned new features on the Sandcastle add-in are complete and uploaded. I also made installing easy by creating msi install.

- Easy 2 use Sandcastle documentation
- Classdiagram renamer/exporter
- Solution stats
- file types and there count
- Lines of code
- Statistics log and graphical view of it
- FTP upload HTML doc

Download intallation files:

Please leave feedback on the blog, codeplex or in my email, dont hold your self!!!

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After installing, I got 2 "overnight.nl" entries on my tools menu with links to a settings file, sandcastle, class diagram export and statistics. After editing the settings file, I ran "SandCastle", but there is nothing in the grid and pressing the buttons does nothing. Is there any documentation anywhere?
I guess you find the answere here


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