zondag, juli 30, 2006


NOT - Much improved NDoc for .Net 2.0

the .Net 2.0 port of NDoc 1.3.1 to generate decent output for the MSDN and MSDN2 documenters. I mostly use the MSDN documenter so there might be some more features in that doumenter, e.g. support for sealed classes

Anyone interested can download source and binaries here: (currently at internal revision 15)ndoc-src-1.3.1-v15.zip - source code that builds with Visual Studio 2005 ndoc-bin-1.3.1-v15.zip - binaries built with .Net 2.0

What a hell, exceptions everywhere, MSDN template doesnt work, path too long errors $$%^$$^ now im pissed! sucks up my sleeping hours..

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