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Ajax Popup, nice

PopUp windows and PopUp boxes can be used to show additional information or help text on specific region, buttons, links or words on the page. Move the mouse-cursor over some of the blue, bold words in this text to see it in action.


blog: http://ajaxaspects.blogspot.com/

All of the AjaxEngine:
Asynchronous Processing: First series of the samples showing how to handle asynchronous processing on the client and the server.
AJAX core and web service samples: These samples show how to use JavaScript, webservices, AJAX actions and all the features of the AJAX engine.
AJAX web controls: These samples are using web controls and JavaScript behaviors to build up AJAX applications and to reduce the amount of code that has to be written in the pages.
LookUp: A autocomplete web control that suggest input values
TreeView: trees, tree view, hierachical data loading on demand
Field validation: validate field values on the server while filling out the form.
Huge Table: scroll or page through huge tables.
Bible Reader: A more complex AJAX application made of AJAX enabled web controls like cascading select boxes and text retrieval.
Bible Tree View: A AJAX based Tree View using an English Bible.
Page Connections: see how to link AJAX web controls together to reflect changed values.

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