zondag, maart 19, 2006


Writing n-Tier Applications using Windows Forms

There are many examples of ASP.NET applications on the web today, from the Start Kits at http://www.asp.net to the various community efforts like DotNetNuke. The hole that seems to exist is an example of a well designed and architected Windows Forms application. The Tracker application is a Windows Forms reference application that starts to fill that hole. The main purpose of this application is to demonstrate best practices for using Microsoft .NET technologies, such as the Application Blocks for .NET and WS-Security, along with a clean and exciting user interface which can also be Tablet PC enabled. While I was writing the Tracker application, I also wrote a 10 chapter 110 page e-Book that goes into details over the how and why the application was written. The purpose for this article is to give you a high-level overview of the Tracker application, and the information you need to get it running on your machine so you can dig into the code yourself.

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