zaterdag, december 31, 2005


ASP.NET 2.0 Authentication API, Hell or tres belle?

I have 2 say, it´s not as easy as it looks to implement the new authentication controls. But once u get ur head around it, it works like a charm.

here some links and stuff u have 2 keep in mind:

!!! REMEMBER: THE ACCOUNT CREATING WEBCONTROL WONT WORK IN A PROTECTED FOLDER/FILE (web.config), you only get the 'cant show page' error with no extra info, drove me nuts to figure out!!,VS.80).aspx
only worked 4 me with (bug?):

ill post some webconfig and DB info later..

Interesting thought on that one. I think I heard something similar the other day on another board. I can't remember where though. Web 2.0
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